Flash Interviews - Men's 5000m Final

Flash quote - Gold 14:32.93
I loved seeing this scene in my head so many times before it actually happened. To win a championships like this. I want to see myself like that also on the senior level but I am not on that level yet. So I appreciate this victory so much. I am a tactical runner but I did not want to take the risk so just 3 laps to go I started to push the front and did not want to get blocked in last 600m. Then I just made a gap in last 100m to celebrate the win like this. I am sweating like hell now. This was a huge milestone in my career. I told my friends to watch this competition because they are not that much into athletics. They do not find it too much attractive. But I told them watch it and you are going to see me winning. You will see why I train so much. My grand dad used to be very athletic but he passed away before he could see me winning like this. I do this for him and I wear the special armband because of him. I would love to run more 1500m in the future but I miss the speed yet so I chose 5000m. But it was too many laps. I wish I become an athlete like Jacob Ingebrigtsen but it is still a very long way.
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